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Mom trying to stay strong

Mom trying to stay strong started this conversation
I am a single mom of four children ages 8, 6, 3, and 2. I am also a full time college student. I am being evicted and have no place to go. I will not have money again until I receive my financial aid in the middle of September. This is the first time in my entire life I have even been late on my rent. I have called every place I can find to try to get help. I have no friends or family who can or are willing to help. I am so scared! What hurts the most is that it is my children who are suffering! They do not understand why this is happening to them! I am on all the waiting list for shelters and transitional housing but I have been told that the wait is around six months. I do not even have the money to put our belongings in storage. Please help, I do not know what to do!!!!!!! Any Ideas would be welcome.
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Hey neighbor..Im in we are practically neighbors..LOL!! ;) Just wanted to say hello and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!-=)
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i know nothing BOUT THIS site but im desprite and i need help i have a daughter who is 18 and she struggles with cutting and i have no clue what to do we got her on meds and to see a proffesional but i know that i as well need help to try deal with this so i can help her i dont sleep,eat,all i do is cry so please if anyone can help me please email me at
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Thank you for sharing here how things have been turning out for you. It is encouraging to know that no matter how difficult things can get God does make a way. That's what I'm trusting in, that He will for me too.
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hey mom i know you be strong your a fighter too if you made it this far girlfriend you got it. im happy to tell you that you gonna be blessed from the mess no more tress and buy you a brand new dress. amen can i get a witness. im the undefeated from fresno ca.
weeping widow
heres a little something to lift your spirits though. If you can draw, draw a genie and her lamp. When you're done, rub the lamp and make a wish. Do this for three different wishes.
Pass the picture of the genie and her lamp to each of your children, have them rub the lamp, and make three different wishes each. When they are done and it comes back to you, wait another day, then make three more wishes. Know that Jesus said he is the husband of
the widow and the father of the fatherless. he will hear your wishes, the same as he hears
prayers. Remind your children that God will answer the pure prayer of children, he did for
my sons'. The genie and the lamp are to build your faith in a fun way.
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weeping widow
It isn't easy, no matter what you try, but it's even harder if you don't try. I wish had a way to
help you and yours, but I'm not even living in a place of my own. If I weren't a livein house
keeper, I would be dead right now. I can't understand, why, with all of my talents, that I can't
find someone to hire me. My friend has told me I should get a job giving massages, as I'm
really good with my hands. All of my talents include my hands, but when a woman says massage, minds go somewhere else, and it isn't clean. I don't know what you can do, or
what your talents are, but I can and will keep you in my prayers, for something great to
happen for you and yours. I only wish I could do more.
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Mom trying to stay strong
This was a very rough day. I finally spoke to one of the church board members from the church we are members of and who I worked for over 4 years. The one who fired me, denied my unemployment and never called to check on my family when we stopped coming to church. Can we say emotional!
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Mom trying to stay strong
I am welcome to any ideas or resources that anyone out there may have. I refuse to give up hope! I know that times are tough for everyone so maybe someone knows something I have not tried yet.
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